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About Sunfone Technology Product & Service

Sunfone Tech - Top Notch Tube Mill Tooling and Pipe Mill On-site Support.

Sunfone Technologys's Tube Mills are designed and manufactured to each individual customers requirements to meet both their needs as well as international standards.

Sunfone Tech Introduction and Service

Sunfone Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 2000 and has been devoted to manufacturing and exporting various kinds of carbon and stainless steel mills for over ten years.

As soon as our company was established we have put a tremendous amount of our focus into our Research and Development (R&D) teams in order to maintain the level of excellence that is prevalent throughout the whole world! To diversify our products for our customers, we are now manufacturing many different types of carbon, stainless steel, CNC, and slitting line mills that are able to produce materials for parts such as: carbon bottle cages, carbon bicycle parts, carbon seat-posts, carbon headset spacers, carbon bike stems, carbon fiber tubes, and many more.

Sunfone Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly a carbon steel and stainless steel tube mill manufacturer who has gathered development, design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales and put them all together to fit each of our customers need. The Sunfone Corporation has been cooperating and working closely with well known U.S. suppliers, KIPCO INTERNATIONAL INC. and KENT CORPORATIONS, to fabricate world class carbon steel and stainless steel tube mills . In our management teams, each senior manager has over 30 years experience in assisting China and Taiwan tube manufacturing factories to build extremely high-end tube manufacturing machines. They are able to deliver efficient production flow and provide profitable machine designs. Sunfone's undeniable relentlessness in obtaining the most up to date knowledge of materials and experimenting tube making methods have allowed us to continue to improve our tube mill's quality and at the same time still be able to achieve the expected production outcomes.

Sunfone's management and service systems will also be ISO9001 certified in the coming months. This will continue to allow Sunfone to maintain its high levels of advanced design carbon steel tube mills , stainless steel tube mills , and some of our newer machines like the CNC Cut-to-Length machine and our automated steel coil slitting line machines. Sunfone sells their tube mills to many countries worldwide (China, USA, Africa, etc.) and has been able to maintain a solid reputation and excellent relationships with its business partners. Tubes manufactured by Sunfone's tube mills are broadly used in different industries including: automotive, furniture, sanitation, bathroom equipment, chemistry equipment, food processing, cleaning industries, etc.

Sunfone now supplies many kinds of specifications of tube mills based on your needs and will continue to provide the newest and most modern and efficient machines in the industry. Our product series includes: High Frequency Tube Mills , TIG Tube Mills, Automatic Steel Coils Slitting Lines , CNC Cut-to-Length Machines , Round/Square Tube Polishing Machines , End Facing Machines , Straightening Machines , Rolls and Slitting Knives, Saw Blade Grinding Machines, and Eddy Current Testers and Hydrostatic Testers for carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, and aluminum materials.