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Saw Blade Grinding Machine| Precision Engineering in Tube Mill Manufacturing

Saw Blade Grinding Machine - Saw Blade Grinding Machine
  • Saw Blade Grinding Machine - Saw Blade Grinding Machine

Saw Blade Grinding Machine

SG-1 / SG-2

Saw Blade Grinding Machine

Tube Mills, Steel Sheet Slitting Line, End Facing Machine

  • Professionally designed, this machine is capable of being used in many applications.
  • Makes precise grinding with the saw blade an easy process, saving time and labor.
  • All cast iron blades are made of global graphite cast iron (FCD-45). We guarantee the precision and slower wearing of the blade with this cast iron.
  • All regulating levers are arranged in the proper order so that quick and easy adjusting can be made with the: cutting angle, back gap angle, gear depth, tooth pitch, as well as grinding the saw blade precisely.
  • The no step speed change of the belt disc on the SG-1 makes adjusting the angle a seamless process to keep up with the change in the tooth pitch.
  • The head of the grinding wheel is able to move up and down to grind the bevel edge without having to replace the grinding wheel.
  • The gauges can easily adjust the thickness of the saw blade.
  • The SG-1 is controlled by an elevation difference control button, which can grind the tooth at different elevations. There is also an SG-2 option.
  • The transmission unit, driven by the grinding wheel and transmission device, ensures efficient and safe functionality.
  • The end of the feeding jaw is made of incredibly durable carbonized tungsten that reduces wearing effects and secures precise feeding into the machine.
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  • <li>專業設計,該機器可用於許多應用。</li>
  • <li>對鋸片進行精確研磨,操作簡單,省時省力。</li>
  • <li>使用我們的機器,您可以有效地研磨車間的鋸片,並保持精確和鋒利的鋸片。</li>
  • <li>所有鑄鐵刀片均採用全球石墨鑄鐵(FCD-45)製成。我們保證使用這種鑄鐵能精確且減緩磨損刀片。</li>
  • <li>所有調節桿均按正確順序排列,以便通過以下方式快速輕鬆地進行調整:切割角度,後間隙角度,齒輪深度,齒距,以及精確磨削鋸片。</li>
  • <li>SG-1上的皮帶盤無段調速變化使得調整角度成為一個無縫過程,以跟上齒的變化。</li>
  • <li>砂輪的頭部能夠上下移動以磨削斜面邊緣而無需更換砂輪。</li>
  • <li>儀表可以很容易地調整鋸片的厚度。</li>
  • <li>SG-1由高度差控制按鈕控制,該按鈕可以在不同高度研磨。還有一個SG-2選項。</li>
  • <li>傳動單元由砂輪馬達和傳動裝置驅動; 確保高效安全的傳輸。</li>
  • <li>進料鉗的末端由耐用的碳化鎢製成,可減少磨損效應並確保精確送入機器。</li>
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