Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line

Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line

SF-160 / SF-180 / SF-220 / SF-250 / SF-280

Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line

Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line - SF-160 / SF-180 / SF-220 / SF-250 / SF-280. Slitting Machine, Slitting Lines, Automatic Steel Sheet Slitting Machine Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line - SF-160 / SF-180 / SF-220 / SF-250 / SF-280. Slitting Lines, automatic steel sheet slitting machine

Tube Mills, Steel Sheet Slitting Line, End Facing Machine

Here at Sunfone Tech. we offer the standard models of slitting lines. These various coil lines can be cut in different sizes ranging from 0.2mm up to 8mm and all coil lines can also have different coil widths and weights as well. Each of these lines can be customized to meet specific production needs.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as hot and cold rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized metals, and different kinds of alloys can all be slit by these lines. Our goal is to maximize your productivity.

Automatic Slitter Line

  1. Through the use of a PLC (programmable logic controller), system performance will be based upon the characteristics of the various sheet metals being used. There are also switches that are able to change from high to low operating speeds automatically, which allows the machine to achieve improved efficiency as well as reduce the amount of maintenance needed over time.
  2. The material un-coiler uses an expand / shrink hydraulic cylinder that is mounted on an integrated steel frame. This allows for less malfunctions of the machine throughout its use.
  3. The material un-coiler is equipped with a high-efficiency disc-type brake. Its tension is adjusted by an air pressure loop. Under these circumstances, the time for tension adjustments is reduced as well as the forcing of the monetary braking occurs thus freeing itself from the loosened coil.
  4. The pre-loader is equipped with a DC various-speed motor drive, so that a synchronized speed that cooperates with the production line could be governed.
  5. Slitting knives are mounted on an integrated frame with a separated transmission. This allows for: enhanced rigidity structure of the machine, lower vibration amplitude of the knives, and excellent yields are allowed to be produced.
  6. The datum plane and accuracy of the slitting knives axes are all to be fabricated within a measurement of 0.006mm. in tolerance, this makes allows for a higher duration of slitting knives as well as a much more accurate and larger number of outputs from the slitting line.
  7. To make sure the stability of the slitting line is secure during operation, the tension controlled roll-up device with slip-differential structure has been designed for the waster.
  8. The straight type tightener uses high elastics and resistive carpets as surface materials. This keeps the outputs of the line much smoother. In addition, it is also equipped with a pressure-balance device that keeps an even amount of pressure on both sides of the materials that are touching the tightener.
  9. The Re-coiler is equipped with an improved high rigid holder that causes a reduction of lead-time. An air pressurized, adjustable back-pressure device is also equipped on the separator mechanism, this allows a constant hold-pressure to be reached for the recoil.
  10. The enabling of self-tension design makes it able to retain a better tightness for recoil.

Certificate: ISO 9002

ModelSteel Sheet Thickness (mm)Steel Sheet Width (mm)No. of slit stepsCoil Weight (Ton)Slitting Speed (Max.)
* This stype of machine counted by the slitting shaft and based on carbon steel coils.

Mini Slitter Line

mini slitter line
ModelSteel Sheet Width (mm)Coil Weight (Ton)Slitting Speed (Max.)
SF-100400~500Max. 3MT120m/min
SF-150400~650Max. 3MT120m/min
* This type of machine counted by the slitting shaft.

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