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Sunfone Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly a carbon steel and stainless steel tube mill manufacturer who has gathered development, design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales and put them all together to fit each of our customers need.

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Located in Taiwan since 2000, Sunfone Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in high-quality, , durable tube mills, slitting lines and CNC cutting machines for the stainless steel tube industry. With a strong emphasis on innovation and precision, our products serve a wide range of applications from automotive to food processing, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Sunfone Tech, based in Taiwan, excels in manufacturing carbon and stainless steel tube mills, high frequency tube mills, slitting lines and CNC machines. Established in 2000, we ensure top quality and competitive prices, integrating PLC control, quick tool change, and Sumitomo motors for precision in tube production, catering to global industrial needs.

Sunfone Tech has been offering customers high-quality carbon steel and stainless steel tube mills, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Sunfone Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.