High Frequency Tube Mills

High Frequency Tube Mills

SF-40 / SF-50 / SF-60 / SF-70 / SF-80 / SF-90 / SF-100 / SF-120 / SF-150 / SF-180

Tube Mills

High Frequency Tube Mills - SF-40 / SF-50 / SF-60 / SF-70 / SF-80 / SF-90 / SF-100 / SF-120 / SF-150 / SF-180. High Frequency Pipe Making Machine, High Frequency Tube Mills, Pipe Mill, Uncoiler, Welding, Accumulator, Power Source, Cold Saw Cutting Machine

High Frequency Tube Mills

Carbon steel high frequency tube / pipe mill

Our main goal is building machines that maximize your productivity.

Sunfone's tube mills are designed with a removable control station and remote controller that allows for anytime mold and/or roller adjustments. With this design feature engineers can now carry the remote controller with them to the front of the tube mills and adjust the mold positions before the tubing begins.

    Line Up:
  1. Double side uncoiler
  2. Hoop cage / Table Accumulator
  3. Roller forming machine-forming machine / welding machine / sizing machine
  4. Cooling system
  5. Auto cutting machine (friction saw or cold saw)
  6. Run out table
  7. Electric control equipment
  8. Rolls made of SKD-11
  9. High frequency welder
  10. Hand tool

Steel Tubes & Pipe Mills: Sizing Information

Sunfone offers high frequency tube mills for both carbon and stainless steel tubes.

The different lines that can be cut can create a tube thickness ranging in size from 0.4mm up to 12.7mm. The tube and/or pipe OD is available with a thickness ranging from 9.5mm up to 508mm.

Sunfone will tirelessly assist its customers to make sure that they are receiving the highest quality products at the most economically available pricing.

Modelslitting shaft (mm)Thickness (mm)Round tube diameter (mm)Square TubeSpeed (m/min)
SF-4040mm0.4~1.5Ø9.5~Ø25.412x12, 20x2040~100
SF-5050mm0.5~2.5Ø12.7~Ø38.115x15, 30x3030~90
SF-6060mm0.6~3.0Ø19.0~Ø63.515x15, 50x5030~80
SF-7070mm0.8~4.0Ø31.8~Ø89.125x25, 60x6020~70
SF-8080mm1.2~5.0Ø38.1~Ø114.330x30, 90x9020~60
SF-9090mm1.5~6.0Ø50.8~Ø127.040x40, 100x10020~60
SF-100100mm2.0~6.0Ø76.2~Ø168.360x60, 120x12010~40
SF-120120mm2.0~7.0Ø89.1~Ø21980x80, 150x15010~25
SF-150150mm2.0~8.2Ø168.3~Ø304.8130x130, 200x20010~25
SF-180180mm2.0~12.7Ø254~Ø406200x200, 300x30010~25
* This type of machine counted by the slitting shaft.
Tube Mill 304 High Frequency Welding, Burr Free Cutting, Stainless Steel Tubing

There are various types of stainless steel, and even with slightly different elements, the welding method or tube mill setting can be changed. Sunfone is a tube mill expert who's capable of designing and manufacturing high frequency tube mills using 200, 300, and 400 series stainless steel, particularly in grade 304/304L. The stainless steel tubes formed by Sunfone's tube mills are purely welded to meet the most demanding applications. The tubes meet the highest of burr-free standards, and are clean.

At Sunfone, our High Frequency Tube Mills can also be used for stainless steel tube pipe making. To utilize the High Frequency Welder to make stainless steel pipes it is also necessary to utilize the following equipment: Gas protection device, removable remote controller, high quality cold saw cutting machine, OD beat grinder, special seam guide roll device, and ID bead scarifying system if necessary.

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