End Facing Machine

End Facing Machine

SF-2 / SF-3

End Facing Machine

End Facing Machine - SF-2 / SF-3. End Facing Machine

Tube Mills, Steel Sheet Slitting Line, End Facing Machine

We offer an end facing machine that can face round tube sizes ranging from 9.5mm up to 127mm. They can also be designed to work with tube mills as in-line end facing machines.

One of the end facing machine's job is to clean the berr (the end of the tube). This is a necessity when making tubes to maintain and meet the standard requirements of sanitation.

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  2. End Facing Machine
  3. Tube Collector
  4. Electronic Control System Equipment

Certificate: ISO 9002

ModelSize Range (mm)Length (m)Speed (m/min)Space Requiered WxHxL (m³)Power (kw)
SF-2Ø16mm~Ø50mm5.8m~6.8m15m~10m5 x 1 x 108
SF-3Ø16mm~Ø114mm5.8m~6.8m15m~6m5 x 1 x 1012

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