Straightening Machine

Straightening Machine

SF-10 / SF-12

Straightening Machine

Straightening Machine - SF-10 / SF-12. Straightening Machine

The straightening machine takes our high quality tubes and makes them in a word, "straight". It rolls quickly and easily adjustable angularity to give perfect contact between the tube and the roll. Thus creating the maximum straight tube profile. Today, we use multiple roll straightening machines to obtain the production of precision tubing.

  1. Storage Table
  2. Straightening Machine
  3. Run-Out Table
  4. Electronic Control System Equipment

Certificate: ISO 9002

ModelRange(mm)Length (m)Speed (m/min)Space Requiered WxHxL (m³)Power (kw)
SF-109.5mm~38.1mm3m~7m20m~40m/min2 x 1.5 x 166
SF-1250.8mm~114.3mm3m~7m10m~25m/min2.2 x 1.5 x 167.5

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