Tube Mill Roll & Slitting Knives

Tube Mill Roll & Slitting Knives


Roll for Tube Mill & Knives for Slitting Line

Tube Mill Roll & Slitting Knives - SKD-11. Tube Mill Roll & Slitting Knives

Rolls for Tube Mill are important device in forming/welding/sizing section.
Knives for Slitting Line decide slitting quality through using high qaulity raw material SKD-11 from Japan.

Tube Mill Rolls and Slitting Knives are used to turn a tube into a straighter and precise fitting resource that can be used for many different things. These knives are used to cut the coils on the slitting lines and operate at a hardness of HR (60-62°C). Here at Sunfone Tech. we also import SKD-11, a raw tooling roll material from Japan.
Through our advanced testing and inspection facilities, whether it's our raw materials or our finished products, we guarantee total quality control in all facets of our rolls and knives equipment.

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