Mini Slitter Line

Mini Slitter Line

SF-100 / SF-150

Mini Slitter Line for slitting small coil
Sunfone's mini slitter line is a smaller machine that is used for the slitting of small steel coils.

Mini Slitter Line - SF-100 / SF-150. Mini Steel Sheet Slitter Line, Slitting Machine Mini Slitter Line - SF-100 / SF-150. Mini SF-100-Two Recoiler
Steel Sheet Width: 400~500mm, Coil Weight: Max: 3MT, Slitting Speed: 120m/min

There are two model of Mini Steel Sheet Slitter Line.
Slitting Speed Max 120m/min with steel sheet width 400~650mm, Coil weight 3MT.
Scope of supply with Uncoiler, Leveler, Loop, Slitting Head, Recoiler, Electric control system.
Easily loading and operation with economic design.

ModelSteel Sheet Width (mm)Coil Weight (Ton)Slitting Speed (Max.)
SF-100400~500Max. 3MT120m/min
SF-150400~650Max. 3MT120m/min

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