Round Tube Polishing Machine

Round Tube Polishing Machine

SF-6 / SF-10

Square and Round Tube Polishing Machines

Round Tube Polishing Machine - SF-6 / SF-10. Tube Polishing Machine - Square & Round Tube Polishing Machine

Tube Mills, Steel Sheet Slitting Line, End Facing Machine

We offer two different two different types of round tube polishing machines for our customers. It is important to note that these tube-polishing machines are only used for stainless steel and will provide tube polishes up to mirror quality.

Horizontal: This polishing machine can produce a polished below #400 grit.

Vertical: This polishing machine can offer you bright and mirror quality polishes.

Both are easy to operate and load tubes with, and as said above, will produce high quality polishes. We guarantee that our polishing machines will more than meet the overseas / domestic market quality requirements.

    Line Up:
  1. Forward convey table
  2. 10 portion of polishing machine
  3. Backward convey table
  4. Electric control system

Certificate: ISO 9002

ModelRange (mm)Length (m)Speed (m/min)Space Requiered WxHxL (m³)Power (kw)Polished

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