Square Tube Polishing Machine

Square Tube Polishing Machine

SF-16 / SF-32

Square Tube Polishing Machines

Square Tube Polishing Machine - SF-16 / SF-32. Tube Polishing Machine - Square Polishing Machine

We offer two standard models of square and rectangular tube polishing lines. It is important to note that these tube-polishing machines are only used for stainless steel and will provide tube polishes up to mirror quality.
These various lines all polish square and rectangular tubes ranging in sizes from 15mm x 15mm up to 120mm x 120mm. You can also choose to save on labor costs by switching to the automatic oil spray polishing system option.
All line models have been designed based on easy loading of the polishing media as well as an all around easy to use operating system. We make sure our machines will be able to maintain high speeds and high outputs to save on your expenses.

    Line up:
  1. Forward Convey Table.
  2. 10 Portion of Polishing Machine
  3. Backward Convey Table
  4. Electronic Control System Equipment

Certificate: ISO 9002

ModelRange (mm)Length (m)Speed (m/min)Space Requiered WxHxL (m³)Power (kw)Polished

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